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If you think hard enough, nearly everything has a set of misconceptions or myths that hinder growth and progressive conversations surrounding it. It can be as simple as believing penguins only live in cold weather. Alas, the stereotypes surrounding mental illnesses tend to be more severe and harmful towards, essentially, millions of people worldwide.

When people hear the words eating disorder, one stark image comes to mind: A stick-thin, nearly emaciated, white, young girl. The media blasts us with images of straight, middle-class, young women who are, or about to be, hospitalized because of their eating disorders. …

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I, the writer, have wonderful friends who have continuously supported me through my own recovery. These tips are a mixture of what they have done for me, and other things I have seen that have helped other people as well.

I’m going to dive right in to these six essential tips to provide support and love to your friend during recovery, but first please understand these few things about recovery.

Recovery is far from a straight, comfortable road. Recovery is basically when someone is attempting to retrain their brain to think differently.

Read these two statements again.

This is why…

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Recovering from an eating disorder is no easy feat. It takes a large amount of time, effort, and adjustments to reach the best possible outcome. And I’m going to be frank, you may be in recovery for a lifetime. It’s not a short, linear process. There are so many challenges, depending on a variety of factors that play into health and wellness. Regardless, no matter who you are, recovery is like hiking up a treacherous mountain with boulders, fallen trees, coyotes lingering at every corner, and a mix of extreme temperatures. Perhaps there will be more or less obstacles.


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Whenever I immerse myself in any form of content relating to eating disorder recovery, especially content by creators who are far into their recovery, there is always a phrase with the same underlying message: you are not going to die.

If I had a quarter for every time I heard “The sun will still set and rise,” or “I am not going to die if I eat this,” I think I’d be Disney level rich. This overall message always stuck out to me, like a peacock in a field of chickens.

But I never really grasped why I remembered these…

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Chances are, you’re a parent feeling incredibly lost and scared right now, thus leading you to this article. Chances are, your child is starting to endeavour on the daunting road to eating disorder recovery.

Parents, I’m not going to sugar coat this. It’s hard, it’s difficult, it won’t be easy, it’ll break your heart at times, and it’s going to cost a lot of time. It is not something that just immediately goes away with the snap of a therapist’s fingers. It just does not go away once your child starts eating. It does not go away with medications and/or…

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Image from Jocelyn Morales on Unsplash
Jocelyn Morales on Unsplash

Food allergies are just one of those things I don’t see get much media coverage. Not necessarily a bad thing as there are so many other pressing issues, although it shouldn’t be left out of the limelight entirely. It is a life threatening immune disorder that affects around 30 million Americans alone. It’s one of those disorders that can be thrown under the bus if it isn’t taken quite so seriously, especially with the evolution of the food industry. Of course, this makes food allergies susceptible to up for misinterpretation and misrepresentation.

As a woman with food allergies, I cannot…

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Working out is amazing. For me, it’s a way to not think about consuming stressors such as school. It distracts me, gets me moving, my brain chemicals swirling, and my blood flowing. I feel way more productive after I’ve worked out probably because I tend to be more awake. Plus, it’s just routine. I’ve progressed through another day being at least a tad productive.

HOWEVER… taking breaks is equally as liberating. I’m not talking about the break or rest between each exercise or set. No, I mean days where I don’t follow my training and simply do some yoga or…

Maddie Rae

A writer focused on mental health, allergies, writing, and social issues. I have an ED and allergies myself. Animal, and music enthusiast in my spare time!

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